Sean Elble
Amateur Professional
Principal DevOps Engineer
Auto Enthusiast
Music & Movie Buff
Sleep Aficionado
Fan of Logic & Intelligence
Home Address
28 Brighton Road
Naugatuck, CT 06770
Phone: 203.744.9477
Cell: 860.946.9477
My Resume (PDF Format) - In case you're interested...

My Blog - It's been years since I've updated this, but it's still here.

LinkedIn - I really don't use LinkedIn much (are you sensing a pattern here?), but I do try to keep my profile updated, or at least consistent with my resume.

Virginia Tech Linux/UNIX Users' Group - I was an officer of the Virginia Tech Linux/UNIX Users' Group, during my time at VT. Some of you may know what Linux and UNIX are, and if you ever need help with it, just take a look at this link, or contact me using the information provided above.

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